If you live on the Hilton Head Island, in the surrounding area, or just about anywhere in South Carolina, you probably need flood insurance. The impact of climate change is obvious based on recent severe weather. This is making flood risk increase all across the United States even in an area, like the center of the country, which has not experienced flooding of such severity for over 100 years.

The flood plain maps maintained by FEMA are seriously outdated. No matter where you live or where your vacation home is located, unless it is on a mountain, you now need flood insurance.

Damage Caused by Two Inches of Water

Just a mere two inches of water that enters a home can cause many thousands of dollars in damage to carpeting, flooring, sub-flooring, electrical wiring, furniture, and other things in the home. Flood insurance helps protect a homeowner. This flood risk is not usually part of a regular home insurance policy You need to have a specific flood insurance policy to protect from the possibility of a major loss.

Storm Surge and Torrential Rains

Storm surge happens when a hurricane or tropical storm and the incoming tide causes the sea level to rise significantly and flood the homes near the beach. This is a different kind of flooding than the kid that comes from torrential rains and rivers that overflow their banks. In South Carolina all these flooding risks are possible.

Be sure to talk with your insurance agent at Premier Insurance Advisors, serving Hilton Head Island, SC and the surrounding area about these storm surge risks. There have been some reports in the news of homeowners thinking that their insurance for hurricane risk covered storm surge, which was not the case.

Be sure to have adequate flood insurance coverage that includes protection from damages caused by flooding by any means including storm surge. Contact your insurance agent at Premier Insurance Advisors in Hilton Head Island, SC by calling 843-689-5300 to get a quote for flood insurance.