Condo Insurance Myths

There are plenty of condo insurance myths in Hilton Head Island, SC, but believing them can mean you may not have the right amount of coverage.

You don’t need insurance because your association has it.

The condo association coverage will only cover the building and common areas. In order to be covered for liability, living expenses if you have to relocate due to a disaster, or your belongings, you need proper condo insurance for yourself.

You don’t need condo insurance since it will only protect your stuff.

Condo insurance protects more than just belongings in the home. Condo insurance policies also come with liability coverage and can help cover improvements you have made to the unit.

Upgrades are automatically covered.

If you add upgrades to your condo, such as granite countertops, they aren’t covered unless you let your insurer know. Premiums will need to be adjusted in order to make sure there is adequate coverage.

Condo insurance is mandatory.

It’s not mandatory at a government level, but that doesn’t mean you should go without it. Your lender may require you to have condo insurance. Having condo insurance will give you peace of mind you want as well.

Earthquakes and floods are covered.

Condo insurance, just like home insurance, isn’t likely to cover floods or earthquakes. In order to have coverage for these disasters, you will need separate policies.

Items destroyed or damaged will be replaced with new ones.

Depending on the type of policy you have, you may not get full coverage for your belongings. Understand your policy with Premier Insurance Advisors, in order to know if the money you receive after a claim will factor in depreciation. Some items may not be covered and, if you have expensive jewelry or artwork, you will need to have more insurance.

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How to prevent car theft

Coming out of your home, workplace, or anywhere else to find your car gone can be one of the most devastating and expensive experiences you can have. Fortunately, Premier Insurance Advisors, serving Hilton Head Island, SC, has a few suggestions to make it less likely that your vehicle will be stolen.

  • Always lock your doors, and never leave the engine running when you dash inside to pick up something at the store. A remarkable number of people fail to follow this advice, making their cars prime targets for thieves.
  • Equip your car with an anti-theft device. Such devices can include a car alarm or a metal device called a club that locks the steering wheel. Consider getting a tracking device, such as LoJack, which will help the police recover your stolen vehicle quickly, hopefully before it is dismantled in a chop shop.
  • You should also park in a well-lit part of the parking lot that is covered with a security camera, if possible. Car thieves don’t like being seen and especially being recorded when they work.
  • Don’t put your valuables, such as shopping bags or purses, on the seat in full view. That is what your trunk is for. A thief who smashes your window to get at your stuff may not make off with your vehicle, but he might and, in any case, you would have a repair bill to contend with.
  • You should consider having your VIN number etched on your windows. A thief stealing your car to resell in whole or for parts will think twice if he thinks the vehicle can be easily traced.

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Do I need commercial insurance when professionally seeking out a non-owned business liability endorsement?

Premier Insurance Advisors in Hilton Head Island, SC is working for South Carolina business owners to provide commercial insurance that fits their needs.

Whether it’s mainstream commercial insurance you’re after, or even something like commercial auto insurance, what you may come to realize first is the fact that you may need some type of endorsement. And to further add, you might benefit from getting some kind of liability coverage to protect you in even the most unexpected occurrences, especially those over which you may have no control.

For instance, let’s say that an intoxicated employee gets behind the wheel during his "off-shift hours" and then reports back in to work at your company. He takes the wheel once more and is not noticed since everyone has gone to lunch, but it just so happens he gets in a major crash that has totaled your company vehicle he was operating, that of the other party’s, and a few lives in the process. Now, you are potentially facing a major "commercial" corporate lawsuit, even if no at-fault blame may be placed on your company or its other employees (who possibly permitted the negligent employee to go out driving in the first place).

Now, we’ve got a conflict of interest. So what do we do? It’s simple. We get business – commercial insurance that has already been endorsed and secured for multiple types of liabilities. 

BOP Insurance, for one, is highly beneficial. The BOP stands for Business Owner’s Policy. And the insurance is just what it implies in its name, covering owned and even customer owned items, HONA’s, and more. It’s one way to prepare. Commercial auto would also be handy in this situation.

Hilton Head Island, SC is more than proud to have providers serving alongside them, like those of Premier Insurance Advisors. Explore what we can do for you today. It only takes a call or a click to find out more.

When’s a Good Time to Upgrade Your Home Insurance?

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to review your home insurance to see if it still provides the protection you need. Changes in your home or lifestyle could require that you update your home insurance policy. Here are a few scenarios that may warrant an upgrade in your home insurance coverage.

Major Home Improvements

When you buy home insurance, coverage is based on the value of your home and personal belongings. Significant home improvements such as a kitchen do-over or bathroom remodel can increase your home’s value. This increase may require that you raise the limits on your coverage to coincide with the new value of your Hilton Head Island, SC property. You’ll also need to add the upgrades to your coverage to ensure they’re protected along with the rest of your property.

Change of Lifestyle

Lifestyle changes such as a new baby, divorce, or retirement could affect your home insurance, especially if you’ve made adjustments to your home to accommodate your new lifestyle. You may have converted a study into a nursery for the baby, adding safety measures that could qualify you for a discount on your policy. Or you may have put in a new pool to get more exercise after retirement, making it prudent to increase liability coverage for protection against accidents. By discussing these changes with your Premier Insurance Advisors agent, we can adjust your coverage to protect your interests fully.   

Costly Gifts or Purchases

You may have received costly gifts or made costly purchases over the holidays. These items need to be added to your home insurance policy to protect them against theft or damage in an unforeseen disaster.

To learn more about how and when to upgrade your home insurance coverage, contact our Premier Insurance Advisors office in Hilton Head Island, SC.

What Renter’s Insurance Covers

Just because you don’t own a physical property does not mean you don’t have items of value. When living in a rental community, you are at higher risk of fire damage and theft because there are more people around you. To protect yourself from potential damage and the loss of valuable items, it is important to take advantage of renter’s insurance. If you live around Bluffton or Hilton Head Island, SC and are currently renting a property, the team at Premier Insurance Advisors can help. 


Chances are you have a television, computer, video game system, or any number of electronics. If your apartment is robbed, it may be a severe financial burden placed on you to try and buy everything else back. You likely won’t be able to do this anytime soon. Renter’s insurance is there to help protect you in these times of crisis. 


Perhaps you had jewelry that has been stolen, valuable purses, or even clothing that went up in flames because of an apartment fire. Other items might be taken, like valuable bottles of wine or paintings. You can insure just about anything when it comes to renter’s insurance. When you work with an insurance agency like Premier Insurance Advisors, an agent can sit down and work with you on what to protect while identifying the value of the items you’d like to protect with your renter’s insurance. 

Rental insurance is a valuable investment that has long-term solutions to short-term incidents. This form of coverage may be required by a landlord in certain circumstance. Whether from theft or fire or other possible issues related to the rental, Premier Insurance Advisors are around to assist you while you live in and around Bluffton or Hilton Head Island, SC. Contact our offices to speak with an agent and get a quote.

Ice Damage and Boat Insurance Coverage

The folks in Hilton Head Island, SC see the same damage issue again and again as the year moves into the cold season: ice damage. Many folks don’t take their boats out, the water begins to freeze and ice then presses against and damages boat hulls. In a worst-case scenario, the ice actually causes a crack and leak in the boat which causes it to sink. More surprising, ice can move great distances at an extremely fast rate. Just watch videos of ice on the Great Lakes, and there are some amazing videos of lake ice moving on land and actually pushing homes off the foundations.

South Carolina is not an exception when it comes to cold spells and ice build up. Some really bad cold snaps can create ice in areas not typically used to it, and a boat pinched in the wrong spot against a wharf or dock can realize damage very quickly. Remember, the very aspects that make a boat buoyant on water also means it is very weak to pointed pressure on the sides. So, a boat hull can be punctured very quickly even though the same vessel can carry a lot of weight on water.

To compound the problem, not all boat insurance policies specifically address ice damage. It’s common for areas that don’t see heavy seasonal ice to drop the language from a policy. And that can create confusion later on when a claim comes in with ice-caused damage. However, after working with Premier Insurance Advisors, you can avoid this headache. The folks at Premier Insurance Advisors ask all the relevant questions for a boat owner and learn from past cases what are the most likely risks for a given South Carolina situation. Let us do the hard work and keep your boat in Hilton Head Island, SC protected.

What You Should Know about Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance has much to offer in the way of liability protection. By learning more about personal umbrella coverage, you can get a better idea of how it can be of benefit to you. Here are some of the most important facts you should know about umbrella insurance coverage.

  1. Umbrella insurance isn’t “stand-alone” coverage. This means you can’t buy umbrella insurance unless you already have primary liability coverage from another source such as home, auto, condo, or boat insurance policies. You can, however, obtain a personal umbrella insurance policy from Premier Insurance Advisors in Hilton Head Island, SC on top of your primary liability insurance coverage.
  2. Umbrella insurance gives you extra liability protection above the limits of other insurance policies. If, for example, your liability limits on your auto insurance are $50,000 and you face a liability claim above this amount, your umbrella coverage will pay for the remaining costs. This saves you from having to dip into your savings or retirement funds to cover these expenses.
  3. If you’re held liable for an accident in your home, place of business or on the road and are sued for damages, umbrella insurance will help cover lawsuit and settlement costs. Umbrella coverage can protect your valuable investments as well as current and future earnings from lawsuits, so you don’t suffer financial loss.
  4. Umbrella coverage starts once the limits of your primary liability coverage are exhausted. This gives you and your family an extra layer of liability protection against unforeseen accidents or disasters that may arise.
  5. You can choose the amount of umbrella insurance protection you need to safeguard your financial future.

For more information about how you can obtain a personal umbrella insurance policy at a reasonable price, contact us at Premier Insurance Advisors in Hilton Head Island, SC.

Why You Need Separate Flood Insurance

A common misconception is that floods are covered under regular home insurance policies. This isn’t true, and you need a separate policy that will cover flood damage. Even if you don’t think you could suffer damage from a flood, there could still be reasons why it’s a good idea to get flood insurance in Hilton Head Island, SC.

The risk extends past the floodplain. Even if you don’t live in a floodplain, there could still be a risk. If you do live in a high-risk flood area, your lender may require that you have flood insurance and it must be a separate policy. It’s a common misconception that only floods can happen in a zone that is mapped. According to FEMA, more than 20% of flood claims are from properties that are outside the high-risk flood zones. Many times, homeowners think they will be covered because there are federal disaster funds available. These funds are usually low-interest loans, so you have to pay back the money over time. If you are required to have flood insurance due to your high-risk status, and you don’t have a separate policy, you could be ineligible even to receive any disaster aid.

When purchasing flood insurance, you need to remember that you can’t wait until the weather turns bad. Flood coverage has to be in effect for a 30-day period before you can file a claim. Many find out when it’s too late that their home insurance won’t cover flood damage. There is coverage offered through the National Flood Insurance Program, and there is also private coverage available, so working with an agent at Premier Insurance Advisors to find the right amount of coverage is important.

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The Differences Between a Condo Owners Policy Vs. COA Master Policy

When you buy a condo, your purchase comes with the coverage of a master insurance policy provided by the condo owner’s association (COA). You will still need your own condo insurance to protect your belongings and the inside of your unit. Premier Insurance Advisors in Hilton Head Island, SC offers condo insurance to those all around the state. It is important to educate yourself on the subject and secure a policy as soon as possible. Here’s why:

The COA master policy covers the construction of the building. Items include its roofs, the public grounds, and common areas, like the swimming pool, the bare walls, and the original fixtures of the building. Master policies fall into two categories: walls-in or walls-out.

  • Walls-in covers the buildings’ construction elements – elevators, floors, roof, and walls, plus the appliances, cabinets, carpet, wall coverings.
  • Walls-out covers the buildings’ construction elements – elevators, floors, roof, and walls.

Neither policy type covers the condo owner’s belongings. That’s where a personal condo policy comes into play. It covers changes the condo owner makes to the interior, like a built-in bookcase and their belongings. It also covers appliances and interior repairs.

Similar to a homeowners’ policy, it also provides personal liability coverage. This protects you if a visitor to your condo becomes injured. They could sue you for the harm that befell them falling down your stairs, for example. The liability portion of the policy protects the policyholder by paying the medical costs and any court-ordered settlement up to the policy limit.

Every policy differs but, generally, a condo unit (personal) policy covers the individual’s personal property and condo upgrades from damage or loss from the following:

  • accidental discharge or overflow of water from pipes/plumbing
  • an accidental eruption of hot water heating system
  • aircraft damage (crashing into the building)
  • artificially generated electrical current
  • explosion
  • falling objects
  • fire or lightning
  • freezing weather effects
  • riot or civil commotion
  • smoke damage
  • theft
  • the weight of ice, snow, or sleet
  • windstorm or hail
  • vandalism or malicious mischief
  • vehicle damage

Contact Premier Insurance Advisors of Hilton Head Island, SC to learn more about personal, also known as unit, condo insurance. Let us help you determine your needs and appropriately cover your items.

3 Uncommon Reasons You Need Auto Insurance

No matter what type of vehicle you may have, auto insurance is likely mandatory. Not a good enough explanation to motivate you? The following is an overview of 3 uncommon benefits of purchasing auto insurance. 

Animal Collisions

OK, so if you live in an area foreign to those annoying "deer crossing" signs, this might not make sense to you. Either way, the ability to repair damages as the result of animal collisions is one of the top benefits of purchasing auto insurance. If you have seen the type of damage that can be done by such an animal, knowing it’s possible to secure coverage to help you recover from these fiascos should bring some serious peace of mind. 

Supplementation of Health Insurance

Moreover, if you become injured behind the wheel, it is easy to assume your health insurance will cover everything. However, this is not necessarily the case. By purchasing an auto insurance policy, you and your passengers will be covered in the event that an accident occurs. 

Maintain Good Driving Record

Lastly, no matter how good your driving record may be, driving without insurance can put a damper on your ability to drive a car legally. Indeed, no matter how good of a driver you are, getting caught on the road without insurance could not only cause your car to get impounded but it could even cause you to lose your permit or license. Therefore, be sure to purchase a premium auto insurance policy before you hit the road.

Overall, for those residing in Hilton Head Island, SC, Premier Insurance Advisors in an excellent option. Offering outstanding customer service, competitive rates, and much more, visit the Hilton Head Island, SC office, email, or call Premier Insurance Advisors asap to find out how you can start your policy today.