How to prevent car theft

Coming out of your home, workplace, or anywhere else to find your car gone can be one of the most devastating and expensive experiences you can have. Fortunately, Premier Insurance Advisors, serving Hilton Head Island, SC, has a few suggestions to make it less likely that your vehicle will be stolen.

  • Always lock your doors, and never leave the engine running when you dash inside to pick up something at the store. A remarkable number of people fail to follow this advice, making their cars prime targets for thieves.
  • Equip your car with an anti-theft device. Such devices can include a car alarm or a metal device called a club that locks the steering wheel. Consider getting a tracking device, such as LoJack, which will help the police recover your stolen vehicle quickly, hopefully before it is dismantled in a chop shop.
  • You should also park in a well-lit part of the parking lot that is covered with a security camera, if possible. Car thieves don’t like being seen and especially being recorded when they work.
  • Don’t put your valuables, such as shopping bags or purses, on the seat in full view. That is what your trunk is for. A thief who smashes your window to get at your stuff may not make off with your vehicle, but he might and, in any case, you would have a repair bill to contend with.
  • You should consider having your VIN number etched on your windows. A thief stealing your car to resell in whole or for parts will think twice if he thinks the vehicle can be easily traced.

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3 Uncommon Reasons You Need Auto Insurance

No matter what type of vehicle you may have, auto insurance is likely mandatory. Not a good enough explanation to motivate you? The following is an overview of 3 uncommon benefits of purchasing auto insurance. 

Animal Collisions

OK, so if you live in an area foreign to those annoying "deer crossing" signs, this might not make sense to you. Either way, the ability to repair damages as the result of animal collisions is one of the top benefits of purchasing auto insurance. If you have seen the type of damage that can be done by such an animal, knowing it’s possible to secure coverage to help you recover from these fiascos should bring some serious peace of mind. 

Supplementation of Health Insurance

Moreover, if you become injured behind the wheel, it is easy to assume your health insurance will cover everything. However, this is not necessarily the case. By purchasing an auto insurance policy, you and your passengers will be covered in the event that an accident occurs. 

Maintain Good Driving Record

Lastly, no matter how good your driving record may be, driving without insurance can put a damper on your ability to drive a car legally. Indeed, no matter how good of a driver you are, getting caught on the road without insurance could not only cause your car to get impounded but it could even cause you to lose your permit or license. Therefore, be sure to purchase a premium auto insurance policy before you hit the road.

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