Do You Need Commercial Insurance For Your Barber Shop?

Are you wondering whether or not your barbershop in Hilton Head Island, SC needs commercial insurance? Barbershops, just like all businesses, need commercial insurance. The following are some of the reasons why:

A Customer may Slip And Fall

Accidents cannot be completely avoided. There is always a chance of a customer getting hurt in your barbershop. General liability insurance covers you in such instances. It pays for medical fees and repair or replacement of damaged property.

You May Be Sued For Professional Negligence

You may accidentally use chemicals that are too harsh on skin or tools that are too sharp. If you do, customers may sue you. Professional liability insurance helps take care of negligence claims.

Your Equipment May Get Damaged Or Lost

You may not be able to go about with business if your equipment gets damaged. Equipment could be damaged by fire or floods. Business equipment insurance covers you against loss or damage of your business equipment

An Employee May Get Injured At Work

The job at your barbershop may take its toll on your employees. The sharp tools, such as razors, can injure your employees. As an employer, you will be obligated to get treatment for them. Workers compensation insurance offers you financial protection in the event of injury or illness of an employee. It also pays for legal charges in case of lawsuits.

Your Business Buildings May Be Damaged

Business buildings insurance covers you in case of damage to your barbershop as a result of covered perils such as fires and vandalism.

Premier Insurance Advisors in Hilton Head Island, SC writes quotes for commercial coverage and other areas of insurance. Premier Insurance Advisors is ready to work with you to build a policy and protect your business. Visit our offices to discuss a new quote or contact us at 843-689-5300.

A Safe Home Is Secured With Home Insurance

Home insurance is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Most mortgage institutions will not finance you unless you provide proof of coverage. Hilton Head Island, SC is known for its prestigious sporting events in the United States. It is also a destination for many people. The serene environment makes it ideal for homeownership which is why Premier Insurance Advisors proudly serves its residents.  

Building Structure 
Home insurance secures a home in many ways. Firstly, your home structure is susceptible to dangers from flood and vandalism. With a cover, you are assured that in the event of damages, you will be compensated. Moreover, other structures attached to your homes such as a garage and fence may also be included in the coverage.

Personal Items protection
A home is incomplete without furniture, electronics, HVAC, and private properties. Some of these items are not only expensive but also valuable. In case of fire or theft, it may take us a while to get back on our feet. With a home coverage, you are assured of compensation. Every item included in the coverage will be replaced.

Lawsuits and Medical Costs
When friends and relatives visit you, the excitement might be overwhelming. During this time, if an accident occurs, liability home insurance covers medical costs. Also, if your child accidentally breaks glass window of a neighbor, you may be sued and held liable. With a coverage, you don’t have to worry; both the legal fees and the amount awarded in court will be catered for.

Unexpected Additional living expenses  
Finally, let us be frank with each other. In case of fire, vandalism, or a break in, you may not be able to stay in your home for a few days. You may need to find a place to stay such as in a hotel. The unexpected living expenses increase, but if your home is covered, you will not be stressed out. 

For Hilton Head Island, SC residents, please get in touch with Premier Insurance Advisors for coverage. You can also use our online rating tool to obtain a quote for a home insurance policy.