Premier Insurance Advisors in Hilton Head Island, SC is working for South Carolina business owners to provide commercial insurance that fits their needs.

Whether it’s mainstream commercial insurance you’re after, or even something like commercial auto insurance, what you may come to realize first is the fact that you may need some type of endorsement. And to further add, you might benefit from getting some kind of liability coverage to protect you in even the most unexpected occurrences, especially those over which you may have no control.

For instance, let’s say that an intoxicated employee gets behind the wheel during his “off-shift hours” and then reports back in to work at your company. He takes the wheel once more and is not noticed since everyone has gone to lunch, but it just so happens he gets in a major crash that has totaled your company vehicle he was operating, that of the other party’s, and a few lives in the process. Now, you are potentially facing a major “commercial” corporate lawsuit, even if no at-fault blame may be placed on your company or its other employees (who possibly permitted the negligent employee to go out driving in the first place).

Now, we’ve got a conflict of interest. So what do we do? It’s simple. We get business – commercial insurance that has already been endorsed and secured for multiple types of liabilities.

BOP Insurance, for one, is highly beneficial. The BOP stands for Business Owner’s Policy. And the insurance is just what it implies in its name, covering owned and even customer owned items, HONA’s, and more. It’s one way to prepare. Commercial auto would also be handy in this situation.

Hilton Head Island, SC is more than proud to have providers serving alongside them, like those of Premier Insurance Advisors. Explore what we can do for you today. It only takes a call or a click to find out more.